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Why invest In Clarington

Clarington is a community in the Durham Region of the Greater Toronto Area with a population of 92,013 as recorded in the census of 2016. Clarington is a part of Oshawa’s metropolitan census area. This emerging community is well-connected to the rest of the GTA and offers a quiet, rural charm. This community has sweeping green spaces and is a convenient distance from Lake Ontario, adding to its appeal. Clarington is seeing new developments being planned in the community as demand grows for areas in the GTA that offer respite from the crowded streets of big cities. There are a large number of single-family homes in Clarington, a type of housing that is not easily found in the heart of GTA’s urban centres. Clarington is projected to see massive growth in population and job opportunities in the next five to ten years. The community’s housing market is also seeing an upward trend. The resale appreciation rate year on year has been an average of 7% in Clarington and the rental appreciation rate has been 1.3%, with a high average rental price of $1700. Investors are seeing this community as the next big market for the GTA for the near future. 

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Things To Do In Clarington

Clarington has a community culture that manifests in the many events and festivals that take place in the community, especially around the holiday season. It has Santa Claus parades that also travel through other neighbouring communities. These winter parades are attractions in the community that are attended by locals and tourists alike. The Bowmanville Zoo was also an attraction in Clarington until its recent closure, now replaced by the Clarington Family Outdoor Adventure Park. This adventure park is a great place to visit for activities, adventures and food. Clarington Museums & Archives is a museum in the community. Clarington also has many golf courses and some ski resorts in close proximity. 

Education & Employment In Clarington

Residents will have access to good primary and secondary schools in Clarington, Bowmanville and the Durham Region. For higher education, Durham College’s campuses in Oshawa and Whitby are a commutable drive away. Clarington’s biggest employers are the Durham York Energy Centre, Toyota and EastPenn. Local stores and businesses also employ a large number of people in the community. As more and more infrastructure projects are planned in Clarington, employment opportunities are rising.

Transit & Connectivity In Clarington

Durham Region Transit provides service to Clarington and public transit in the community is rapidly improving. Durham Region Transit also connects residents of Clarington to GO Transit, which is a wide network of buses and trains that run along the east, west, north and south of the GTA’s towns and cities, even beyond. The nearest GO station is the Oshawa GO station, which is accessible by public transit. GO Transit is planning an extension of its services to cover Clarington in its train network. HWY 35 cuts through Clarington and other highways in close proximity are HWY 401, 407 and HWY 2. Downtown Toronto is a short 50-minute drive from Clarington via HWY 401. 

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