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Why invest In Burlington

Burlington is a city in the Greater Toronto Area’s Halton region with a population of 183,314 as recorded in 2016’s census. This lakefront city is located in the Golden Horseshoe area in the province of Ontario and is a part of the Regional Municipality of Halton and the Greater Toronto Area. Burlington is a high-income city, with an average household income of $93,588, which is higher than the rest of the GTA’s average household income. Burlington’s job market is booming and this is one of the reasons why this city is attracting young families, first-time home buyers and investors. Burlington's location in the heart of the Golden Horseshoe region makes it a hub for many industries, especially in the transport business. The beautiful waterfront of this city is lined with housing options that provide sweeping views of Lake Ontario. Burlington’s appeal is linked to these factors and the housing market shows statistics that support this demand. The city’s resale appreciation rate on average for the last decade was 8.6% and the rental appreciation rate was 4.9%. Burlington also has a very low vacancy rate of 1.1%, which is a very encouraging number for investors. 

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Things To Do In Burlington

Burlington’s lakefront has many beaches, parks and other attractions that residents can access within a short drive from home from anywhere in the city. The Spencer Smith Park is a popular waterfront attraction with manicured gardens, monuments and a playground. Some other attractions along the beautiful waterfront of this city are Burlington Beach, Beachway Park, Brant Street Pier, Art Gallery of Burlington and Beach Canal Lighthouse. Residents also enjoy access to parks in the city like Kerncliff Park, LaSalle Park, Royal Botanical Gardens and Mount Nemo Conservation Area. These parks offer spaces for outdoor recreation and activities. Sports enthusiasts in Burlington can indulge in their favourite sports at the many facilities in this city, such as Mainway Ice Centre, Norton Park, Appleby Ice Centre, Hidden Lake Golf Club and Millcroft Golf Club.

Education & Employment In Burlington

The Halton District School Board and Halton Catholic District School Board run primary and secondary schools in the city. There is also a French-language school board in the city. Private schools such as Burlington Royal Arts Academy, Ashwood Glen School and Trinity Christian School are also well known. McMaster University has a campus in Burlington and offers vocational education programs. Burlington has a very diverse economy and this is a reason why the city’s economy is thriving and creating new jobs every year. Some big brands and employers in Burlington are Evertz Microsystems, Boehringer Ingelheim, EMC2 and Cogeco Cable. Burlington has a very low unemployment rate of 2.6% as of 2021.

Transit & Connectivity In Burlington

Public transit services in the city of Burlington are provided by Burlington Transit. HWY 403, 407 and Lakeshore Road are major arteries that run through the city and provide quick access to the 400 series highways in the GTA, including HWY 401. QEW is also accessible within minutes. Downtown Toronto is a short 45-minute drive from Burlington via HWY 403. Burlington is well-connected to GO Transit with three stations; Appleby GO, Aldershot GO and Burlington GO. 

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