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Why invest In Brampton

Brampton is a city in the Greater Toronto Area with a population of 593,638 as recorded in 2016. It is a part of the Peel region. It is the third most populated city in the Golden Horseshoe region, the only other cities with higher populations being Toronto and Mississauga. Brampton is an upcoming city and it is projected to grow in terms of population exponentially in the next decade. Brampton is also one of the higher-income cities in the GTA, with an average household income of $89,010. The city attracts hundreds of newcomers every year, and it holds the distinction of having the second-highest growth rate among the big cities in the country. A large portion of Brampton’s population is rented accommodation seekers, and the rental market in the city is ripe due to this sustained high demand. Real estate investors and homeowners also benefit from an upward trend in the city’s resale and rental appreciation rates. The city’s rental appreciation rate over the last decade has been 5.2% year on year and the resale appreciation rate has been 9.8%, both figures being higher than many GTA towns and cities. Brampton’s land and property prices have soared in the last few years and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

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Things To Do In Brampton

Brampton’s economic and urban growth has not come at the cost of the city’s greenery, history and heritage. Residents of Brampton can find many avenues for recreation without leaving the city’s limits. The Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives has preserved the city’s cultural heritage. The Rose Theatre is another popular attraction that holds concerts and performances. Gage Park is another popular spot for recreation. It is a public park that often holds weekly events, festivals and activities throughout the year including ice skating and light displays. The city’s green spaces are also frequented by locals for outdoor activities. The Heart Lake Conservation Park is a well-known destination that offers tree-lined trails and activities like zip-linning and splash pads. Other parks in the city are Moorehead Park, Chinguacousy Park, Norton Place Park and Major Oaks Park. 

Education & Employment In Brampton

Brampton has a long list of public and private elementary and secondary schools that families can choose from. Two main school boards run the schools in this city. Brampton’s residents also have convenient access to the region’s higher education institutes and universities like the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. Brampton is home to a number of corporate headquarters such as Maple Lodge Farms, Mandarin Restaurant, Loblaw Companies Ltd. and Olymel L.P. Many big brands have a presence in Brampton and employ hundreds of the city’s residents. Local businesses also offer attractive employment opportunities. The city’s major industries are manufacturing, transport and technology. Brampton’s unemployment rate is well below the national average at 5.1%.

Transit & Connectivity In Brampton

The city’s local transit provider, Brampton Transit, operates a large network of buses in the city. Brampton is also connected to GO transit’s train and bus services through the stations of Brampton GO, Bramalea GO and Mount Pleasant GO. GO transit connects to all major towns and cities in the GTA. Highways that cut through Brampton are HWY 107, 407 and 410. These highways have quick connections to the region’s 400 series highways like HWY 401, 403, 400 and other regional arteries like QEW, Lakeshore Road and HWY 7. 

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